I'm a software engineer from Hungary. I moved around in Europe quite a bit and have been lucky enough to work on a bunch of really interesting projects. Like building software for the XBox One a year before it was shipped, logging massive amounts of financial transactions at an investment bank, or building mobile apps in my free time that got hundreds of thousands of monthly downloads.

Turns out I'm not the only one with roots from a small country who's working on really interesting stuff. Every major city I've been to and company I've visited - from SF to Tokyo, Microsoft to Facebook - there are tons of engineers with English as their second language working on some really awesome things. Most of these stories being told to one another at the pub, after meetups, and very rarely published.

This blog is a collection of inspiring stories told by these - mostly Hungarian - software engineers, from their personal point of view. True to the name of the blog, these stories are also published in Hungarian on the Tech Inspiráció.

If you are a software engineer from anywhere in the world, who has worked on some inspiring or interesting projects, I'd love to hear from you and help write and publish your story. Just drop me a line.

- Gergely Orosz, editor of the blog